- 240 pages 

- fully indexed, 

- full Bibliography, 

- chapter summaries,

- synopsis, 

- 80+ illustrations 

- 30+ true stories. 

- NEWLY updated


    -    240 pages fully indexed, 

    -    full Bibliography, 

    -    chapter summaries,

    -    synopsis,

    -    80+ illustrations 

    -    30+ true stories. 

    -    NEWLY updated


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……………WHOS YOUR DADDY? is  not just another genealogy book!  It IS an excellent Guide to Genealogy from Start to Finish.

Written with a touch of humor and serendipity, Who’s Your Daddy? took thirty years of research. 

These true life adventure examples of genealogy in action will help you put flesh on the bones of your long-lost ancestors -- help you write the stories of your family, to write your own memoir, and then will show you the best ways to get your work published. It is all here.

For instance, most burial grounds contain artistic examples of “cemetery iconology” portraying what was important to the person buried there. Who’s Your Daddy? contains keys to the meaning of many icons. For example, a handshake symbol signifies a welcome into the heavenly world. Or if one hand is feminine and other other masculine, it could indicate the eternal love of a spouse. The weeping willow or a draped vase demonstrates the grief that accompanied the loss of this person. 

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2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1883852085