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 Who’s Your Daddy?

ISBN-13: 9781883852085

Unsolicited Reviews ...(by permission)

Hugh Higgenbotham, Instructor, Memphis, TN: I am teaching a course in genealogy at the University of Memphis, Continuing Ed. Department. I saw your book and loved it. I plan to use it in my class and encourage my students to buy it. I am trying to put together all the "good stuff" and your book hits the nail on the head. If I can do anything for you please feel free to call on me.

Betty Schmid, Family researcher, Edmond, OK:  I loved your program and will be getting a book or two at the next meeting. What a delightful presenter you are with fabulous content in your program.

Marty Blazy, Family researcher, OKC: I attended the January OGS meeting where you presented the program and your book. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I am in the process of writing a story for the Family Story Contest and your efforts helped me decide to do it. Thanks.

Mollie Levite Griffis, Writer & Publisher, Levite of Apache, Norman OK:  Been meaning to tell you how much I liked the cover of  “Who's Your Daddy?”...anybody who says you can't tell a book by its cover hasn't seen it!

Mary Jane Swartz, Family historian, Sparta, WI:  I have really enjoyed your book. I still have my brick walls but you have so many good suggestions that I will definitely make use of the book.

Linda Gayle O’Hern, Attorney, Writer & Book Reviewer, OKC:  “...A thorough, well-organized guide to genealogy research, it comes with a website for free form downloads. From identifying gravestone symbols and art, court records research, internet resources and newspaper records, interview techniques and questionnaires, military and tribal records, church archives, DNA and copyright info, this book has it all in a concise paperback format of 237 well-indexed pages. It is also a fun read filled with anecdotes of how to become a family historian.”

Eddie Bishop, Family historian, Lacey, WA:  “Just a quick note to let you know that I received your book earlier this week and I'm loving it. You made my day just a few moments ago when I read my very first email to you in your book. Thank you for using my first email to you, detailing how I tracked you down by googling Buffalo234 to illustrate your point in a humorous way. Congratulations on the publication of your book. Well done!"


Review published in the Daily Oklahoman 

“This book is an ideal gift for genealogists”

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